Panelled Room

This room is typical of the Georgian period. The commission was to design and build a library using the original fireplace and mantle, while utilising the bay window area for seating in this majestic old Victorian villa. Also involved in the project was the accommodation for a 2.4m wide (eight ft) drop down projection screen, a 65 inch plasma screen on an automated lift at the back of the seat area. All these theatre electronics are housed in the bottom cabinets and are featured on either side of the fireplace.

The room itself is 3.35 m (11ft) stud and required a reasonable sized cornice – 250mm (10 inch), incorporating a dentil section and traditional moulds.

The chair rail (Dado) is carved (as is the architrave, skirting and other areas), with a flower motif with dart, sausage and berry. These motifs are all traditional architectural carvings of that period. All of the panelling has been fielded and audio speakers have been incorporated below the day window seat. The timber is all New Zealand Kauri and it has been stained and has a French polish finish. The library ladder folds and is easily stored.

The use of a beautiful New Zealand timber like Kauri in a room of such grandeur makes for an attractive link between history, design, architecture and style.



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