Corner cabinet from a Georgian panelled room

Working in London in the early 1980s was an experience I could never forget. ‘The Firm’ – Roger Board and Son’ of Putney was basically a second apprenticeship (the first in Dunedin WM Nees and Sons). This company specialises in reproducing panelled rooms – Georgian, Regency, and Louis style. Most of the joinery is done by hand, and three carvers (a master and two apprentices) working at the window end of the Earlsfield workshop. I worked on the bench (making) for some time and then fitting out these rooms around England and Germany.

This corner cabinet was made on my return to New Zealand, from the R.B Sons catalogue. The material used was Radiata pine (the original is always Baltic pine). The carving is ‘shallow repeat’, and carved on the shelf perimeter are sausage and berry. There is also a fielded panel door and a dentil cornice. These cabinets were designed for the display of fine ceramics. The finish is waxed.



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