Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture restoration is an art form every cabinetmaker must enjoy. To work on a piece made in the early eighteenth century and before, has the power to constantly amaze. Tradesmen in centuries past employed a wide range of skills – everything was done by hand. It was with the finest degree of detail and accuracy that they presented the innovative designs of the day.

I have used David Kirkland’s services for well over 20 years and consider the Wellington region very fortunate to have someone of his ability and expertise available.

Campbell Moon, Marsden Antiques Limited


Fashion changed abruptly and techniques and skills developed within the trades to accommodate the new order and court fashion.

Good furniture of these eariler periods, if damaged, is usually repairable because of two main factors; the accuracy of workmanship and traditional joints employed, and the quality of timber used.

It is these elements, combined with the experience and interest in restoring period pieces that makes the process of restoration a pleasure.

The art of restoration can test the best of those in the trade. To be able to bring back a badly damaged piece to a customer who you know treasures that link which bonds generations is a privilege which I love.